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Valeria marini

Miodio, video of "It's Ok" single with Valeria Marini

20 April, 2020
Miodio is a band from San Marino dedicated to electro-pop rock music. Last spring they were invited to represent San Marino at the Eurofestival 2008 where, nobody knows how, they came last.Showing that the last place gained didn’t signal an…

Italian showgirl Valeria Marini shows her knickers

14 April, 2020
Valeria Marini, who the Italians like to describe as “unica”, has displayed her underwear to the joy of waiting paparazzi as she got out of a car. The current fashion for extremely short skirts had the Italian celebrity a little…

Valeria Marini's sexy photoshoot for Maxim

18 March, 2020
Italian showgirl Valeria Marini shows off her super curvaceous body for Maxim magazine; in the accompanying interview the blonde bombshell reveals that despite the tendency of some to treat her as a sweet little thing, she can be quite aggressive…