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Vespa stunts

Vespa stunts: pics and video from Nicola Campobbasso

23 April, 2020
The Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour finished last Saturday in Rome and the Italians pulled Nicola Campobbasso out of their bag of tricks for the day. Nicola is also known as the ‘impennatore’ or ‘wheeler’ in the sense of one-wheel…

Armadillo Scooterwear: cool scooter gear for your city ride

25 March, 2020
This fantastic video shows Armadillo scooterwear in more than just a simple motorcycle commercial. It’s the perfect video for a motorcycle gear brand that calls itself “armadillo”, and it certainly makes scootering look edgy and fun. Armadillo deals with clothing,…

Vespa Wheeling Show Italian style

20 March, 2020
The tip we got for this video reads “this is the presentation of what’s possible with a Vespa in 100% Italian style”. And really, for this Vespa freestyle video, we can say no more.