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South Africa: ban on lion farming

No more lions farming in South Africa to hunt and pet puppies

South Africa: stop to the breeding of lions

The ministers have decided to suspend and prohibit the lions breeding in South Africa to hunt and pet puppies. If the lion farming is suspended, the restrictions on the trade of lions are put into practice.

Breeding of lions suspended in South Africa

A review committee has announced that hunting or petting baby lions could cause serious damage. Indeed, this risks damaging tourism and endangering the conservation of the lions themselves. So for these reasons South Africa has decided to stop the breeding of lions.

Environmentalists estimate between 8,000 and 10,000 captive lions in South Africa, while 3,000 should be wild. Farms tend puppy rearing so tourists can pet them. But they may be hunted when they are too big and unmanageable.

Barbara Creecy, Environment Minister, announced the adoption of all necessary measures and rules. They are in a ratio of almost 600 pages long, which specifies the need to stop farming. However, as already mentioned, lions cannot be maintained even for profit. It also prohibits the trade in lion bones, used in China as ingredients for medicines, but also as jewellery or trophies.

However, despite the recommendations and wishes of Mrs Creecy, the 26-person Review Committee has not yet been able to reach an unanimous agreement to manage the breeding of captive lions.

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