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EBR 1190RS videos

“You’ve got all these bad ass cars, why don’t we have cool bikes?” Well, Erik Buell is here to fix that conundrum with his EBR 1190RS.
We realised we skipped the Buell “Made in America” episode three video from the EBR Nation series, so that’s above, and after the jump is a close look at the bike itself and what it’s like to ride.

Described as looking like an “exotic, high performance machine” on the aesthetic front the EBR 1190RS is up there with some of the best bikes on the market and we’d agree.
The great thing about this particular motorcycle is that Erik Buell has made it specifically with racing in mind – it’s about competing and that’s the driving notion behind this bike.

Aside from the technical aspects of the bike and what it’s like to ride, Erik Buell says something very pointed in the video above and that’s about innovation in America.
Rather than sitting around “waiting for someone to take care of you”, he and his team have gotten on with the job, being “pioneering” and “willing”, and have produced a great bike doing so.

It’s something to be noted in our world of economic downturn and presumptions over job guarantees, and proves that innovation in the 21st century is just as important as it was 100 years ago.

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