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FB Corse talks Hopkins and finds a new rider

Pull out your hankerchiefs, because FB Corse has issued another press release, this time stating all their bitterness towards the Hopkins saga, which reads like an Italian melodrama.
Less than two weeks ago FB Corse in a press release complained of how the foreign press was spreading “partially incorrect and conflicting information” and confirming that “ “John just can’t wait to to get to know and test the three cylinder bike, more than any other bike from a smaller championship” has to now acknowledge that Hopkins has decided to stay in the States and race in the AMA.

FB Corse is still also stating that they intend to race the entire 2010 MotoGP season with their three-cylinder motorcycle and talking to motocorse.
com said that they are not listed in the recent provisional MotoGP list due to bureaucratic reasons, because Dorna and FIM want to see the results of their test results before deciding if the bike is competitive and entering their name on the list.

FB Corse insists that next month’s Milan launch (February 11th at Virgin Radio Station) will go ahead as planned and that they have chosen a new rider and according to Australian website Motonline and Italy’s Gpone, the new rider will be Garry McCoy, who was recently ousted from his Triumph Supersport World ride in favour of Jason DiSalvo.

Translated FB Corse press release after the jump.

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