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Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 unveiled: official Aventador pics and details

The new Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 is hot – hot! To be honest, we weren’t expecting it to be this gorgeous but on the design front, Lamborghini has really nailed the Aventador.
It’s modern and spunky, but still evidently a Lamborghini.

Borrowing from the Reventon and Estoque, Lamborghini has managed to produce a Murcielago replacement that is wiping the slate clean and bringing in a new era for the company.

With all due to respect to the Murcielago, comparisons with the Aventador are inevitably in the latter’s favour, from technical specs right through to some brand new design which could make the Aventador a true halo car for Lamborghini.

After the Reventon and Estoque, it was worth the wait to see the new Lamborghini V12 emerge this year.
It is hard to summarise and even harder to imagine the incredible creative process that must have been invested in the new Lamborghini Aventador; but here goes, starting with the dimensions, weight and new chassis to move on to just what drives this thing: The bodyThe Lamborghini has a new monocoque cell made from reinforced carbon fibre.

The company has spent time investing in getting weight down which, along with reducing emissions and improving fuel efficiency, is part of the new competition laws being played out among the supercar heavyweights.
The details on weight are as follows:- Monocoque cell: 147 kg- Chassis including aluminium parts: 230 kg- Engine: 235 kg- Transmission: 79 kg- Overall kerb weight: 1,575 kg- Weight distribution: 43% up front, 57% rearWhile the style is suitably different from the Murcielago these figures prove just how new the Aventador is.
It is a true replacement model both in design and substance, and the exterior measurements have been revisited as part of the design.
The Aventador’s measurements are:- Length: 4.
78 m- Width: 2.
26 m- Height: 1.
13 mThat is a super low and super aerodynamic Aventador.
The extra length provides a longer wheelbase than what was seen on the Murcielago, too.
The engine and technologyThis is Lamborghini’s fastest and most powerful model yet and has been built partly to herald a new design but also to usher in a brand new V12 engine.
And they intend that the V12 will boldly take on all the competitors, having no problems in sidelining the Gallardo while its at it.
The details are:- Power: 700 hp or 515 kW- Torque: 690 Nm or 509 lb-ft- 0-100 km/hr: 2.
9 seconds- Top speed: 350 km/hr- Drive system: Haldex IV all-wheel drive- Gearbox: new ISR (Independent Shifting Rods) transmission- Driving modes: Strada, Corsa and Sport (changing the gear shift time)Those figures match the slightly green tinge that Lamborghini has tried to take on with lower fuel consumption and emissions for its Aventador.
We’re still talking a supercar, so it feels a bit superfluous to be saying this, but in any case the 398 g/km figure of CO2 emissions is apparently down by about 20 percent on the Murcielago.
Design and other featuresThe Lamborghini Aventador gets sexy scissor doors, and a whole new interior with upgraded, luxury finishes, new entertainment system and new dashboard set-up.
Controls are more accessible and the three driving modes, as well as the limited slip differential and steering settings, can be changed via buttons on the right.
The wheels come in either 19 or 20 inches (obviously using ceramic brakes) and the amazing, sunglasses-required colour you see in these pics is the brand new Argos Orange.
We’ll be seeing the new tint at the Geneva Motor Show.
Tomorrow morning never looked so far away….

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