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Yamaha Majesty 400 test ride

We took the new Yamaha Majesty 400 for 2009 out for a test ride, to see where scooters are going these days.
It can be appreciated for its progression and increase in performance that have seen it establish itself in the 400cc segment over the last couple of years.

Plenty of manufaturers are focusing their attention on this segment, as customers seek greater technological solutions from these scooters.

They are positioning themselves as the ultimate compromise between urban scootering and long range touring, while keeping elements of the scooter style.

These kind of scooters should not be overly penalised for their size, and still need to be perfectly manageable with good handling in the traffic.
This needs to be combined with stability at high speeds, rider and passenger comfort.
The latest Majesty has all this, especially with a wide and well padded seat.
Its look is also now more modern and attractive, with an updated frame and colours.
The Yamaha Majestic is powerful and quiet, thanks to its ecological four stroke engine.
Among its more attractive features is the safety, with great road handling, well balanced suspension and large tyres.

The engine is very light, made from alluminium, and equips a robust and reactive chassis made from steel and alluminium.
The centre of gravity is lowered by the four stroke engine, making control easier at high speeds.
High performance and torque is perceived even at lower revs, while the twin cam works to soften the vibration typical of single cylinders.
Electronic ignition is efficient and the four valve system guarantees contained emissions and fuel efficiency.
The automatic transmission has a new clutch, making riding more fluid and comfortable in the stop-and-go of city traffic.
The Majesty has great ease of acceleration in the 0-50 km/hr bracket, making it an excellent companion for city riding.
On urban and open roads, the 41 mm fork and 120 mm wheel travel gives comfortable riding, and the rear twin shock absorber also contributes to great cornering and stability at high speeds.
The range is no problem, thanks to a 14-litre tank.
The brakes are also powerful, with two front, 267 mm, discs.
ABS is also available.
The transmission is great both from a complete start and in progressions through medium and high revs.
There is large under seat storage that can fit two full-face helmets and a bag, making it top of the range for its volume.
The instrument panel includes a rev counter and the headlights are completely new, with the characteristic double front headlight of Yamaha sports style.
Three colours are available.
In the end we liked the look of the Majestic, its comfort and space and its excellent road handling.
The rear suspension is a little hard and uphill starts could be improved.
The Yamaha Majestic 2009 sells for 6,690 euros.
Technical SpecsEngine: 395cc four-stroke, single-cylinder enginePower: 33.
5 hp (25 kW) at 7,000 rpmTorque: 3.
7 kgm (36.
3 Nm) at 6,000 g/mChassis: tubular alloyBrakes: double front disc at 267 mm, rear disc at 267 mmWheels: front 120-80 R14, rear 150-70 R13Wheel base: 1,565 mmRegulation: Euro 3Guarantee: Three yearsWeight: 220 kgPrice: 6,690 euros, 7,190 euros for ABS version

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