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VW Golf 6th: with a glance at the past

In Nomvember 2009 VW will play its ace with the sixth series of the Golf: a difficult task for the small-medium car which will have to make its way on the knife edge passage from one generation to the next.

It should be a callling back to the fourth series, implicitly admitting the scarse appeal of the current range.

There will be a number of departures from the style of the fifth Golf: chrome plating will disappear and the next version will have a more subtle grill with only the brand’s logo in view.

The measurements will be slightly larger, reaching 423 cm, only three more than the current model.
In terms of occupancy the situation will remain more or less the same.
Auto, Motor und Sport reports that the focus will be more “driver-oriented” with notable steps forward in reducing weight and emissions thanks to a new diesel-hybrid engine.
Another word from up high was “downsizing” the motors, a move that will involve all manufacturers in the coming years: the Golf will have both aspiration petrol and turbo engines from 80 to 200 hp, while for the diesel a common rail with a first in a 1.

6 litre which will be offered with the 2.
0 TDI.

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