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Video Interview with Valentino Rossi by Fiat on the Web

If you’re a Valentino Rossi fan, you’ve probably passed over this video interview with Rossi by Tiziana Di Gioia, Sponsoring Manager of Fiat and Yamaha on the Fiat on the web because it’s in Italian, but twowheelsblog comes to the rescue with the translation, so you don’t miss out on anything regarding your fav rider.

TDG: Name?VR: We’re starting with the basic questions?TDG: YesVR: ValentinoTDG: Surname?VR: RossiTDG: Profession?VR: Motorcycle racerTDG: Vale, a quick question now that the season is over …VR: Do I look at you or at him?TDG: Look at me … what are you going to do now, relax, rest, what are your hobbies? I know you like snowboarding …VR: Look, my first hobby are the races, so in November I’m going to do a few races, but not with the Yamaha GP, but with motocross bike and rally cars and have some fun and in December I’m going on vacation and I really like snowboarding and with some friends we’re going skiing this winter.

TDG: Good.

When you crossed the finish line in Maleysia, naturally it must have been a big emotion and they must have asked you a thousand questions, but a curiosity for our fans, who are very young, if you had an ipod what music would you …what song would you be playing while you were crossing the finish line to celebrate that moment?VR: That’s a really a hard question.
I would have played a song by AC/DC.
TDG: Okay.
In 2010 … which one?VR: I don’t know ….
Black in Back ….
Back in Black.
TDG: Then you’d continue with the AC/DC playlist.
The 2010 season, what in particular are you going to work on your bike and how are you going to prepare to be even more competitive?VR: We did the last tests after the Valencia race where we tried the first prototype of the 2010 bike and there were some differences in the chassis, but we’ll be trying the new engine next year, our major aim is to try to pull out somemore horsepower.
About me, I’m going to relax and I’ll continue to train this winter and stay home and recharge my batteries to be ready for next year.
TDG: Valentino, since this interview will be on going on the Yamaha team website, you have you’re own website valentino rossi.
com it went live recently are you satisfied with it, do you like it? What’s your relationship with the web?VR: Yes, I’m satisfied and it took a long time, but we tried to do a good job and finally this year it went online, it’s fun and we’re trying to do a good job because a website takes up a lot of time and because you have to continually modify it and give people things they’ve never seen and we’re looking for things in my archives …TDG: Looking for new things …VR: Videos … so we don’t leave it empty during the winter when there aren’t any races.
TDG: Thank you Vale for the interview and can you give your regards to everyone that follows you on FIAT Yamaha team on the web?VR: Bye guys, have a good winter and regards to all my fans and follow us on the web and we’ll see each other next year.

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