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Heiwa Motorcycle: Japanese style and English glory

Who said that the Japanese can only make Japanese bikes? Our oriental friends have always been estimators of European motorcycles such as BMW, Ducati, Gilera and Guzzi, not to mention their passion for American bikes like Harley-Davidson, for which crazy.

Besides the mandatory work on the iconic twins of the Milwaukee-based manufacturer, the most established customizer of the Rising Sun often use models produced in Japan by the “Big Four” (Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha), and not so long ago they also ventured into the fascinating world of the British bikes, a world populated by iconic brands such as Norton, Matchless, BSA, AJS and, quite obviously, Triumph.

Heiwa Motorcycle is known for making special bikes based on popular Japs like the Honda CB, the Yamaha SR and the Kawasaki W650, but they also have a plentiful supply of classic British motorcycles to toy with.
Rather than restore them faithfully – which would be a quite challenging task anyway given the lack of original parts – the good people at Heiwa Motorcycle have taken the road of customization, proving to be very good at creating special bikes with an evident English aftertaste.

Nothing extreme though as there are no radical changes there: just a series of vintage motorcycles that look good and demonstrate a high attention to details, showing a different way to take on the restoration of a typical English bike.
All of the specials created by Heiwa are in fact pretty simple both in terms of design and mechanicals.
Obviously those who love 100% original bikes might be a little skeptical towards this sort of “free approach”, but a classic motorcycle cannot always be restored to its original condition, and this becomes especially true if you have the flair and the imagination of the Japanese.
Actually, the Americans seem to like what Heiwa does too, and this explains just why the company has a branch in California as well.
Here are a few examples of what they are capable of: an AJS, a Matchless and a Norton Model 50, but they also know their way around Triumph and BSA motorcycles as well, as you might find out at the Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show.
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