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Our tests: Honda SH125i scooter

Honda’s best selling scooter is updated for 2009 with the arrival of the SH125i and the SH150i.
The new scooters have been modified in their style, mechanics and braking system.
We had the chance to have a little ride as the Honda SH scooter is the most sold on the Italian market with more than 500,000 models sold since it was first released back in 1984.

Italy is the biggest scooter market in the world, and so the Honda success really says something.
The two motors are relatively similar in their performance and fuel consumption, at more than 30km/litre for both models.
The style has taken on a more elegant and compact profile with new front and rear design, including front V-shaped headlight.

The new rear foot pedals can be folded in, and a single colour has been used for the chain, and side moulding.
The new brake system really stands out with twin disc brakes, and a larger diameter disc appearing on the rear wheel for the first time.
The front disc brake calipers are new with a three piston system; the front brake lever actions two of the pistons, while the rear brake lever engages the third, therefore creating a combined braking system, with Honda CBS and hydraulic technology.

We tried the 125 version, which is particularly appropriate to urban settings and which doesn’t require any special license.
This means it really is a choice for city drivers, unable to dedicate time and money to gaining a motorcycle license, but who want an alternative to driving a car in city traffic.
The Honda SH125i scooter is easy to ride, with its 16-inch front and rear wheels, large tyres and spacious leg room, thanks to the flat platform.
It provides easy handling in traffic and tight spaces, including narrow streets and when parking.
Surprisingly however, this scooter is also comfortable to ride and is similar to larger scooters, thanks to its suspension system and seat which is soft and easy on potholes and less maintained roads.
The motor is impressive for such a small scooter, with electronic ignition and liquid cooled system.
Both consumption and engine vibration is well contained, meaning the scooter is comfortable and pleasing to ride.
We liked its design and technology, road handling and comfort.
It has excellent fuel consumption and powerful braking, meaning you feel safe and in control.
The weight could be improved (at 127kg) and the underseat storage is slightly limited.
Technical specs Honda SH125i4T liquid cooled engine124ccFront 220mm disc brakeRear drum brakeMaximum power: 13.
7hpFront wheel: 110-80Rear wheel: 120-80Seat height: 790mmWheel base: 1,335 mmWeight: 127kgEuro 3 approvedPrice: 2,995 euros, or 3,100 euros with rear disc brake

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