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New Beta RR Motard 2009

24 April, 2020
The Beta Motard family is growing, with the RR range now available in road version, including the 50 Standard model, right up to the professional 400, 450 and 525 4T models. The RR Motard 50 Standard is the latest arrival…

2012 Beta Enduro and Motard models

19 April, 2020
After updates to the Beta RR Enduro 350 4T for 2012, the smaller RR Enduro 50 and RR Motard 50 get new features for 2012, too. The 50cc models are designed to offer some of the options of the larger…

Beta: Italians do it better, even one handed

14 April, 2020
Italians love to move their hands while talking and Beta Motors had come up with this very cute viral video that they’ve dedicated to all those Italian bikers who know how to explain themselves using only one hand, including what…

New Beta RR enduro and motard 50cc models

12 April, 2020
Here’s a look at the 2010 Beta RR 50 motard and enduro models, with the standard versions already available on the market. There will be two versions available - standard and racing - with the Enduro model coming with 21-inch…

Trial bikes: Evoluzione from Beta. Pictures and general info

3 April, 2020
The latest Evoluzione from Beta is a new trial bike that really shows the style of this company. Evo is a pure trial bike, with a combination of technology, lightweight chassis and excellent weight distribution.The new frame is in alloy…

Jumping rope with a trial bike

2 April, 2020
There’s training and then there’s having fun while training. Check out this video of Benoit Dagnicourt’s extreme skill and control as he jumps rope with his trial bike.The French rider is currently competing in the 2013 Trial World Championship and…

Vintage Beta pics

31 March, 2020
There is debate about to the exact year of these vintage Beta motorcycles, but we understand them to be Beta 74 and Beta 75 models from about 1979. If someone can help us out with that in the comments, we’d…

2009 kits for the Beta Evo 2T and 4T

27 March, 2020
For the new trial bikes, Beta EVO 2009, official accessories are available that modify the engine’s performance. A change in look is possile, along with the Long Range kit that improves comfort and transmission.Various parts and kits are available for…

Beta Enduro bikes

24 March, 2020
Here are the first pics of the new Beta RR Enduro 350 4T model for 2012. The Beta RR4T models have slowly made a name for themselves in recent years as responsive, trustworthy models that require low maintenance. Beta likes…

Beta RR Enduro 4T 2009

24 March, 2020
Fans of mud, dirt and dust will be happy to know that the glorious Beta brand has occupied itself in updating its RR Enduro 4T model. The Beta RR Enduro model for 2009 has undergone some improvements, focusing on its…

Motorbikes and Beef?

22 March, 2020
The American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) has announced that it will be opposing a plan by U.S trade officials that could double the cost of some European motorcycles imported into the United States.It would impose a 100 percent import duty on…

Preview: Beta EVO 2008 2T and 4T

19 March, 2020
I really like the Beta slogan: “The play bike”. I don’t why, but perhaps it’s because at this end of the market, it’s far more evocative than all the talk of latest technology, cutting edge design etc etc.Still, given its…