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Covid, vaccine diffusion is spreading quickly

Anyways, doctors and authorities fear that misinformation may spread hesitancy over the vaccine.

uptake is very high
authorities worry over new variant

Despite hesitancies, doubts and misinformation, for the time being the Covid vaccine diffusion is spreading fast amongst those who have been offered it.

The vaccine against Covid is having a high diffusion

When the roll out started, doctors feared misinformation would have undermined the vaccine uptake.

Such worries have been driven away by facts.

“We’ve had reports from our members that despite inevitable teething problems, the programme seems to be running well overall with very positive take-up rates, so far”. Said Prof Martin Marshall, chair of the Royal College of GPs.

The same sensation is shared by Dr Julia Patterson, CEO of EveryDoctor. “I run a network of 26,000 doctors. The response so far has been ovewhelmingly positive among those receiving the vaccine. Despite much disinformation online, the uptake is going well”.

Nevertheless, what now is worrying doctors and authorities is the new Covid strain. Since it’s spreading quicker, a larger population segment will have to be vaccinated. As a consequence, health staff is again afraid of disinformation and lack of trust. Especially amongst youngsters. Even though the vaccine works even against the variant.

“How younger people will fare is a bit unknown but they will be far down the list and millions will have had the vaccine already, so the hope is that the worries about the newness and speed of development will decrease“. Commented Dr Samantha Vanderslott, of the Oxford Vaccine Group.

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