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Taking a walk through the streets of Otranto: Italy's most Eastern city

I did walk down the back street you see in the picture and if I’m not wrong I bought some souvenirs too, you know, for my family.
Something I’m usually inclined to put off indefinitely, really, I find it so annoying to have to go shopping and spend the whole day among street vendors without having any idea what to buy.

I must confess that after a whole week on the beach sunning myself, feeling the wind in my hair or bathing in the sea, it was a real delight to take a stroll down the streets of Otranto and enjoy the sights.

The oldest part of the town is simply enchanting.
Cars, thank heaven, are barred from it and you can go everywhere on foot.
The old castle is high up and you have to climb a rather steep path, but the pleasure it gives you will repay you, trust me.
I’m just sorry I didn’t have the time to visit the old cathedral and the Byzantine Church.

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