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Bimota TB-1 675 by Oberdan Bezzi

We haven’t checked out an Oberdan Bezzi vision for a while, so here’s a look at his Bimota TB-1 675 motorcycle design effort.
The Bimota model is designed to be a competitor to the new MV Agusta F3 – providing an attractive and alluring design that other bikes can’t match.

The designer says:The very valid 600cc Japanese bikes can’t compete in terms of fascinating and refined design and build; and the dynamic high performance of the Triumph Daytona 675 doesn’t have the same allure that makes for a dream bike.

And so we get the idea for a three-cylinder Bimota that can compete with the MV Agusta, using a 675cc engine and some good looking fairing.
It will never see the light of day, but it’s an intriguing proposition all the same.

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