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Colin Edwards: "Uccio is Rossi's bitch"

Dang it, don’t y’all just love Colin Edwards? He may not be the fastest rider on a MotoGP track on a Sunday afternoon, but the Texan has got the fastest mouth on both sides of the Atlantic and not afraid to talk about anything, including explaining the much gossiped relationship between Valentino Rossi and Alessio Salucci aka Uccio.

In the second part of an interview with Superbikeplanet.
com, the Texas Tornado was asked a lot of different things, including his take on Uccio (since we’re all more or less grown ups and aren’t afraid of a slightly rude word, we’ve taken out the asterisk from the original).

“No, that’s just been there forever.
Obviously we’ve spent lots of time, you know, with the couple Eight-Hours we did, eating restaurants, doing all that shit .
Uccio’s just, you know what I would call it, Uccio’s his bitch.
He just kind of does, makes everything easier, cleans, just makes Valentino’s life a little bit easier.
Now, I say he’s his bitch.
If they read that, they’re going to translate that a lot differently.

He’s kind of his … Well, if I say I have a right-hand man, you could also say he’s my bitch.
That’s how we would translate it in Texas.
”If this isn’t going to set off Rossi haters and double the usual homophobic speculation on Rossi’s sex life, I don’t know what will, and I’m already laughing to see how the Italian journos are going to translate bitch in this case and explain what Edwards actually means.

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