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Pasta leftovers? Try this easy Italian recipe for a pasta omelette

Italian cooking includes many wonderful and varied pasta dishes, but we bet you haven’t come across this one before.
While pasta is generally a quick dish to cook, if you’ve come home from work and the fridge is empty but you couldn’t be bothered boiling water, this leftover pasta dish could be the trick.

Frying your leftover pasta is easy and quick.
All you need are two eggs, some salt, pepper, milk and some grated or chopped cheese.
You can even throw in some salami if your empty fridge stretches that far.
Any vegetables can also be added to your beaten egg mix.

Heat a pan with some oil, pour in the mix and pasta, and cover.
When one side is done, flip the pasta omelette to finish the other side.
This dish can also serve as a pre-dinner snack with friends, with a nice bottle of Italian white wine (verdicchio for example).
If you have more salami in your pasta omelette, try it with an ale or weiss-style beer.
Buon appetito!

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