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Drinking in Italy: Italian divas in photographic exhibition

We saw the famous kisses exhibition in Italy for Valentine’s Day, with international and Italian divas in scenes from well known films in amorous poses with their leading men.
Another Valentine’s Day exhibition in Italy takes on just the fascination of the female figure, with photographs of women drinking while on set.

It’s not perhaps the most obvious of exhibitions, but it’s certainly a sensual, and even sexual theme for Valentine’s Day.
The photographic exhibition takes place in Rome and the photos include actresses captured on set while enjoying a refreshment from their work.
It’s the art of drinking and the “Città del Gusto”, Rome, will be the stage for the exhibition, called “Sorsi da Star” from April 10th.
Most of the photographs are ones taken in stolen moments, showing rare shots of unmasked stars from the 50’s in a time where “star” meant something different from our modern saturation of celebrities.

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