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Italian photography

Famous kisses on show for Valentine's Day in Italy

18 April, 2020
The Amalfi Coast and Salerno are very romantic places in Italy, no more so than on Saint Valentine’s Day. This year the town of Cava dei Tirreni is taking Valentine celebrations one step further in an exhibition called “Una città…

Drinking in Italy: Italian divas in photographic exhibition

18 April, 2020
We saw the famous kisses exhibition in Italy for Valentine’s Day, with international and Italian divas in scenes from well known films in amorous poses with their leading men. Another Valentine’s Day exhibition in Italy takes on just the fascination…

Photographs of Rome: Geotagger World Atlas

8 April, 2020
These amazing photographs are part of Eric “The Incredimazing” Fischer’s Geotaggers World Atlas. The purpose of these particular images has been to filter what locals vs tourists photographs in some of the world’s big tourism locations. The blue areas are…

2010 World Press Photo Exhibition in Naples

31 March, 2020
The World Press Photo Exhibition Italian stopoff will take place in Naples this year, marking one of the world’s most prestigious photography events occurring since 1955. The exhibition has previously been held in Milan, but this year it’s moving to…

Dolce & Gabbana backstage pics by Stefano Gabbana

25 March, 2020
These interesting backstage pics from the Dolce & Gabbana spring-summer 2011 range come from Stefano Gabbana himself. It seems that an eye for fashion and an eye for photography go hand in hand. Stefano took the pics with his cell…

Roman summer: events in Rome for summer 2010

15 March, 2020
In this hot Italian summer we’re having, if you find yourself stuck in Rome and not at the beach there are plenty of things to do and see in the world of art and culture, some of which provide air…