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Sharon Osbourne tested positive for Covid-19

Sharon Osbourne tested positive for Covid-19, she announced it with a statement on Twitter.

Sharon Osbourne tested positive for Covid-19

Sharon Osbourne tested positive for Covid-19. The Tv judge announced she was briefly hospitalised in a statement on Twitter.

Osbourne tested positive to Covid-19: the announce

On Monday, the 68-years-old Tv judge announced on Twitter she was in quarantine as she recovered from the virus.

Moreover, Osbourne said she has been separated from her husband Ozzy Osbourne while she recovered, who, fortunately, tested negative. Black Sabbath rocker Ozzy has Parkinson’s disease. So, coupled with his age, this puts him at a higher risk should he be exposed to COVID-19.

She tweeted: “I wanted to share I’ve tested positive for Covid 19. After a brief hospitalisation, I’m now recuperating at a location away from Ozzy (who has tested negative) while The Talk is on scheduled hiatus”. Osbourne continued imploring her fans: “Everyone please stay safe and healthy”.

Osbourne’s quarantine in September

Back in September, Sharon Osbourne said she quarantined from The Talk. At the time, her three-year-old granddaughter Minnie tested positive for Covid. The star told her colleagues that her relatives were in good health among the family scare. In particular, that of her son Jack, Minnie’s father, who is living with multiple sclerosis.

“I was meant to be in the studio, I was so looking forward to it”, Osbourne said while appearing remotely on the show. Despite the setback, Sharon said her heart was with The Talk on it’s 11th season debut. However, she was acting out of caution among the pandemic and following safety protocols.

Sharon’s friend Piers Morgan sent his well wishes to her during Good Morning Britain. During Tuesday’s episode, he told viewers: “Just want to say good wishes to my old mate Sharon Osbourne. She’s in hospital with coronavirus. Ozzy is isolating.” And he continued: “She says she feels like she’s been beaten up but she’ll be fine in a couple of weeks so best wishes to Sharon.”


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