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Britney Spears demands that her father’s guardianship over her be removed

At this point, the star Britney, at the age of 39, decided to now submit a request to the Los Angeles court.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears has asked the judge to remove the father’s guardianship who until now allowed him to have control over his personal life.

The star Britney Spears asks to remove the father’s guardianship

Jamie Spears, in 2008, was in charge of the singer’s career, income, business, and finances after suffering a public meltdown.

The court had established it at that time so that she would be protected by another figure.

In 2019, however, due to health problems, Mr Spears had to retire from the management of his daughter’s activities and Mrs Jodi Montgomery has meanwhile replaced him in the post, but his father has kept control of the financial issues.

At this point, the star Britney, at the age of 39, decided to now submit a request to the Los Angeles court, so that this passage was no longer temporary, but permanent, and that his father also formally resigned from his role.

If the court accepts this request, Mrs Montgomery could limit the star’s visitors and ensure greater security for her through guards and custodians. He could also access his medical records and interact with the singer’s doctors.

Samuel D Ingham III, Britney’s lawyer, has already stated before the court that the singer fears her father and, until he is removed from the guardianship, she will not return to the stage. Mr Spear holds the power of an estimated £43.8 million, with the private company Bessemer Trust.

Anyway, this case is due back in court next month, so we’re waiting for further developments

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