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Coronavirus: London and Madrid are dealing with it worse than Lombardy

London and Madrid are facing Lombardy's worst Coronavirus outbreak: the expansion of the virus shows that the cities could become the next hot spots.

coronavirus london madrid
coronavirus london madrid

Lombardy, the region in Italy became the worst-hit Coronavirus outbreak. It because the deaths in Lombardy is doubling every two days. It made Lombardy replaces Wuhan as the most badly impacted region in the world. Authorities in European country announce that 743 more people had died in the country on Tuesday 24 March, bringing the total dead to 6,820.

Coronavirus: London and Madrid worse than Lombardy

But, London and Madrid are facing the worse Coronavirus outbreak than Lombardy. The trajectory of the rapidly spreading virus shows that Madrid and London could become the next hot spots of the disease, with deaths now doubling every two days in the respective capital cities. In London, deaths double every two days, a day faster than the average across Britain. The humanitarian cost of the pandemic continues to mount globally as more than 415,000 people have been infected with the deadly disease, and more than 18,000 have been killed.

In the UK, 87 more patients died overnight in England, including 21 at the one NHS trust in London. The death toll in UK has risen almost six-fold in a week. For Spain, the armed forces asked NATO for humanitarian assistance to fight the novel Coronavirus as the national death toll touched 2,700 and infections soared towards 40,000.

Madrid must suffered the brunt of the epidemic with 12,352 infections and 1,535 deaths, or 57 percent of the national figure. In the other side, builders across UK feel angry and unprotected because they should keep continue working on busy construction sites. Then the Londoners still continue to cram into packed Tube during morning rush hour.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said home is now the ‘front line’ in the fight against Coronavirus, as he urged people to come together to reduce the number of people in the UK who will die from the spread of the infection.’The actions we took yesterday are not actions that any UK government would want to take but they are absolutely necessary. Our instruction is simple: stay at home.’

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