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Suspicious car overwhelms two people in London

A black car overwhelms two people in London and the attacker was stopped. Investigations are ongoing for reference if it is an attack as 3 years ago.

car overwhelms people
car overwhelms people london

In London, a suspicious car overwhelms two people. Panic in Chelsea, stopped the man driving. Just three years ago the terrorist attack on London Bridge took place.

Car overwhelms two people in London

A vehicle, found in Chelsea by officers, was reported in Sloane Square, which overwhelmed two people. The police immediately stopped the man. According to witnesses, the black car snuck into pedestrians.

The police intervention

Scotland Yard said officers immediately intervened to find out what the motive for the incident might be. The entire area was cordoned off as a precaution and now “we await examination of the vehicle,” police said.

Like the London Bridge bombing

Just three years ago there was a terrorist attack on London Bridge. Eight people lost their lives as a man armed with a knife and shot to death civilians. The attacker was not only armed but also wearing “some kind of vest,” witnesses said.

The man who snuck into pedestrians must be charged with dangerous driving, Scotland Yard points out. Meanwhile, the authorities are investigating a possible attack.

It’s too early to talk about a terrorist attack or any other motive, but surely the coincidence with the anniversary of the London Bridge attack is strange.


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