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Secret plan to reopen pubs: order pints by app

There are rumors about a secret plan to reopen pubs in Britain and eliminate queues at the bar.

secret plan order app
A secret plan to reopen pubs in Britain and eliminate queues at the bar.

Source said that a secret blueprint to reopen pub in Britain can be done if punters ordering pints by app. This secret plan has been drawn up by ministers in Department of Business.

Reopen pubs ordering by app

With the hope risen that UK pubs may reopen sooner than expected, Breweries have increasing production on kegs of beer. The aims is to deliver 250 millions pints. The government’s guidelines include Wetherspoon-style app ordering systems to avoid people queuing at the bar, while tables will be placed two metres apart.

In Britain there is no screens between tables as in other European countries though screens will be available for staff at the bar. It is also understood pubs with outdoor beer gardens could open first as part of a two-stage process.

Under current plans, pubs, hotels and restaurants will remain closed until at least July 4, but this could change sooner.

Social distancing rules

The boss of British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA) has said more than three-quarters of pubs could reopen if social distancing rules were to one metre. Chief executive Emma McClarkin also warned if the two-metre guidance remains, can be done only by one-third could reopen their doors and many would face further financial misery and ruin.

The internationally recognised social distancing standard, used in the likes of Italy, Denmark and France, is to remain at least one metre away, as advised by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Last month, Wetherspoon’s said it will spend an initial £11 million making its 875 pubs Covid-19 secure, ahead of reopening, including screens at bars and tables. The chain said each pub will hire two full-time workers to regularly clean surfaces and touch-points throughout, with more employed in larger pubs.


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