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Covid: outbreak of 21 people at caravan park

A Covid outbreak has been discovered at a caravan park in the town of Craven Arms in Shropshire, where 21 people have been tested positive.

covid caravan park
21 people tested positive of covid

A Covid outbreak of 21 people has burst at a caravan park in Craven Arms, Shropshire. The virus spreading put a strain on the town after they found two new cases confirmed last week.

21 people positive to Covid at Caravan Park

Authorities have build a testing site at a nearby business centre. They have tested 41 people from residential park and found that 21 of them were positive for the virus. Residents who possibly contact with one of person tested positive have been urged to self-isolate with their household for 14 days.

To contain the outbreak, contract tracing is being undertaken as said by Shropshire Council.

To support their self-isolate, the authority is distributing essential goods including food and prescriptions to the caravan park. Not only that, the playground which is located near the area has been closed to reduce the spread of the virus.

The council stated: “Those residents who had tested positive for coronavirus were asked to self-isolate for a minimum seven days from the time they started showing symptoms or from when they took their test. If those who have been in self-isolation for the minimum seven days are now well enough, they can finish self-isolation and leave their home. This means that initial positive cases will finish isolation this coming week.”

Authorities facing the outbreak

Then the testing centre has offered to everyone to test. The centre will be open for the next two weeks between 10.30am and 3.30pm and those living near the site can book a test online via NHS Test and Trace or by ringing 119.

Councillor David Evans said: “Our priority is to protect the health and wellbeing of our local residents. I’ve been in Craven Arms to talk to residents and businesses to answer any questions and reassure them that the risk to the general public is low“. He also added: “We continue to rely on everyone at the site playing their part. And want to encourage the residents to continue to self-isolate and take all the necessary precautions. This is the only way we can help stop the spread of the virus.”

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