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3 Tier Lockdown to be Imposed in Yorkshire

A 3 tier lockdown is going to be announced in Yorkshire as Covid cases are surging unabated.

3 tier lockdown yorkshire
3 tier lockdown yorkshire

After Manchester refused to go into 3 tier lockdown, today, October 19, the very same restrictions could be announced for Sheffield, Leeds, Bradford, Kirklees and York, the main cities of Yorkshire. Even though on Friday, October 16, the same cities narrowly avoided to go into tier 3, the Government and the Council leaders are now heading towards this decision, since Covid cases are rising unabated and death tools are soaring too.

Every decision to be made today

The West Yorkshire Council leaders seem to follow the same path. Huddersfield MP Barry Sherman said he is not optimistic that Kirklees will avoid tier 3 lockdown and he even defined inevitable “a circuit-breaker over the half term”, as Northern Ireland did.

He’s been backed up by York MP Racheal Maskell, according to which “the measures in tier 2 are going to be not sufficient to stop the spread of the virus in our city”. Anyway, binding decisions are due today. Kirklees Council leaders are holding a meeting to discuss the likelihood of a 3 tier lockdown for Huddersfield, Dewsbury and Holmfirth.

In the meanwhile, West Yorkshire leaders will hear from the Government to discuss strictier measures. In a conjoint statement, they said to “expect the government to engage in open, constructive discussions about how to tackle the virus without doing further damage to the economy, jobs and livelihoods”.


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