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‘Firebreak’ lockdown confirmed in Wales

Wales has been ordered to go under a ‘firebreak’ lockdown that will confine people at home for two weeks.

cardiffwales firebreak lockdown
wales firebreak lockdown

Worldwide governments are trying to find ways of fighting the second wave of coronavirus without shutting down the economy again. After the announcement of a 3-tier lockdown in Yorkshire and the talks about a two-week lockdown in London, now it’s the time for Wales. Welsh residents have been ordered to remain at home for two weeks.

Wales on two-week ‘firebreak’ lockdown

The two-weeks lockdown will begin in Wales on Friday at 6 pm, First Minister Mark Drakeford confirmed this will be a big step for Wales but ‘necessary’ to reduce the spread of coronavirus and to prevent the NHS to be too overwhelmed. The ‘firebreak’ lockdown asks the population to remain at home, with the only exceptions being critical workers and who does not have the opportunity to work from their home. People in Wales are expected to react quite badly to this new measure as protests have already taken place for previous restrictions.

The two-weeks lockdown will also lead to the closure of many businesses in retail, luxury and tourism among many others. Schools will remain open, but university students will have to stay in their accommodations. First Minister confirmed the lockdown will end on November 9 and after that date, further measures will probably be announced. Mr Drakeford also said, “The benefits will be seen in the weeks that follow”. Under the ‘firebreak’ lockdown people must remain at home unless going out for exercising. Residents are not allowed to visit other households or friends they do not live with. Social gatherings are also to be avoided outdoors including in the next coming up events (Halloween and Bonfire Night). Hairdressers and beauticians are also to be shut down. Parks, playgrounds and open gym can stay open.


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