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Covid severely hits London with about 47,000 cases in a week

Covid in London is on a spiral surge: the city registered about 47,000 new cases in a week.

london hit by 47000 cases
covid cases rise in London

London registered about 47,000 new Covid cases in a week. The virus, thanks also to its variant, seems to be out of control in the city.

London faced 47,000 new Covid cases the past week

During the past week, London registered more than 47,000 new Covid cases. They doubled the ones of the week before. The hotspot is located in the north-east of the city, but the circulation is happening faster even within the inner boroughs.

UK Prime Minister Boris Jonhson cancelled Christmas for the Londoners, putting the whole city under a tier 4 level of restrictions. As of December 19th, there were 2909 Covid patients in London hospitals, 322 of them under ventilators.

According to health chiefs, more than 60% of the new cases are due to new Covid strain. Even the Health Secretary Matt Hancock admitted that this variant is out of control. Tier 4 restrictions may have to remain in place for several months, he then added.

Tier 4 means that household won’t be allowed to mix during Christmas, people must stay at home and not enter nor leave the tier 4 area. Moreover, non-essentials shops must stay closed.

This new Covid variant is not worrying just UK. Also some EU nations are taking measures to prevent the straint to spread within their territories. In this sense Ireland, Germany, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands imposed a travel ban for UK flights. France set up a lighter 48-hour blockade.

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