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UK is facing food delays since France closed its borders

The 48-hour ban won't affect the Covid vaccine supplies, but it is causing food delays.

food delays after travel ban
france imposes a 48hour travel ban

France imposed a 48-hour travel ban, closing its UK borders. As a consequence Britain is facing food delays, even though Covid vaccine supplies are not affected by this blockade.

UK is going through food delays as France closed its borders

France imposed a 48-hour ban, closing its UK borders, since the concern over the new UK Covid strain is rising in EU. Macron has followed the example of Italy, Belgium, Ireland, Germany and the Netherlands.

As a consequence, Britain is facing food delays. Hearing the news, Brits panicked and rushed into supermarket to stock more food as possible. Those scenes seem to recall the ones in March. In vain Tesco assured the 48-hour blockade would not affect food stocks.

There are the same number of shoppers out there as there were before any new announcement and we have enough stock to supply them all, even if more now come into our stores because online delivery slots are full“. The statement was released by a Tesco spokesman. In the meanwhile, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps assured the vaccine supplies won’t be affected by the ban. “There is not issue at all. Most of the vaccine does not come on a roll in, roll off, in other words it’s not accompanied by a driver it comes on containers.

“There are good supplies in the meantime so there won’t be an impact on the vaccination programme. But it’s obviously important we get this resolved with the French and that’s what we’ll be trying to do”.

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