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Covid-19, Prince William receives first dose of vaccine

He posted a photo on Twitter of the moment he received the injection and thanked the medical staff.

First dose of coronavirus vaccine for Prince William, who via his Twitter account expressed his gratitude towards the healthcare staff. “I received my first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine on Tuesday. To all those working on the implementation of the vaccine, thank you for all you have done and continue to do,” he wrote, sharing a photo of the crucial moment.

Covid-19, Prince William receives first dose of vaccine

A blue jumper and matching shirt for William, who in the photo uncovers his arm for the injection with a slightly tense expression on his face. At 38, the Duke of Cambridge had access to the dose since vaccinations for the over-30s are underway in Britain.

He is not the first member of the royal family to receive the vaccine: in January it was the turn of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, the following month of Charles and Camilla. It is not clear whether Kate Middleton, who is a year older than her husband, has already received the dose.

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