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Prince Harry removed from family photos: Prince Charles’ symbolic message

As relations between Harry and the royal family continue to grow tense, his father Charles has recorded a video in which he does not appear in the family photos.

As relations between Prince Harry and the British royal family continue to grow tense, his father Charles has in recent hours released a video containing what many have described as a symbolic message to his son. In the video in which the Prince of Wales announced Queen Elizabeth’s platinum jubilee, it was noted that Harry had practically disappeared from the family photos behind him.

A choice that palace commentators describe as non-random and that would have something to do with recent statements by Charles’ second son regarding his youth in the royal family.

Charles removes son Prince Harry from family photos

The unusual detail in the video of Prince Charles was pointed out by the British newspaper Daily Mail, which also made a comparison between the previous videos of the heir to the throne and the one published in recent hours.

If in the first one, in fact, there were several photos of all the members of the royal family behind Charlesincluding Harry and Meghan – in the latest video there is only a single photograph showing Queen Elizabeth, her son Charles, his grandson William and great-grandson George: in other words, the direct line of succession to the British throne.

Charles removes Harry from family photos: the precedent with Meghan

This is not the first time that Prince Charles has decided to communicate the moods of the royal family through subliminal messages. Already in the past, on the occasion of his grandson Archie’s birthday, Charles had decided to publish a photo with only him and the child in it, thus excluding his daughter-in-law Meghan, his son Harry’s wife and never a welcome presence at court.

Charles removes Harry from the family photos: the latest statements

The family photos episode comes just hours after the Duke of Sussex made his latest statement to the Armchair Expert podcast. Regarding his youth at court, Harry said: ‘My life at court was a mixture of The Truman Show and living in a zoo’. Prince Charles’ son returned to the subject of the unhappiness of his life as a member of the royal family, a state of mind that led him to seek a different life in the United States by abandoning all his palace commitments.

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