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Officials ready to carry out 10,000 quarantine checks per day

The Government strengthens controls over those coming back from aber countries, as the vaccination programme reaches people in their mid-30s.

Priti Patel plans up to 10,000 home quarantine checks a day

Officials are ready to carry out 10,000 home quarantine checks a day to make sure that Brits coming back from abroad respect the rules in force since May 17. Those who have returned from ‘amber countries’ have indeed to spend 10 days in self-isolation at their home.

Moreover, they have to test negative twice during this period of time.

So, travelers should expect to find officials on the doorstep, Home Secretary Priti Patel said. Quarantine checks will particularly focus on tourists coming home from amber list countries such as France, Italy and Spain. The aim is to make sure that everyone observes the laws on traveling abroad.

Although the gradual easing of restrictions allows Brits to holiday abroad, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps expressed concern about leisure travel in the amber list countries. The traffic light system classifies the countries based on the risk of infection and the vaccination rate indeed. That’s the reason why Mr Shapps urged people to wait for the Covid situation to improve in those countries. People should avoid traveling to countries where the vaccination programme isn’t at the same level as in the UK.

Brits who want to go on holiday to ‘amber countries’ have been asked to have “a little more patience”. Mr Shapps explained to Sky News that the Government had decided to rely on people’s common sense instead of banning movements within and outside the country.

In the meantime, the UK the administering of vaccine goes forward following the age-criterion. People in their mid-30s, aged 34 or 35, can now book their vaccine. In addition, thousands of text messages will be sent to invite to book.

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