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Royal family

The Queen celebrates her 95 year birthday in private

21 April, 2021
The Queen has decided: she celebrates her 95 years privately, because the event happens after the death of Prince Philip. There will be no photos and the event will be low-profile. Queen Elizabeth celebrates 95 years privately Just today the…

Prince William: “We are very much not a racist family”

12 March, 2021
William admitted that he still has not spoken to his brother about their disclosures. But he insisted he will do it. Last night, royal insiders claimed the pair are ‘prepared to come together and put on a ‘united front’ at…

Meghan accuses Royals spreading falsehoods

4 March, 2021
Meghan Markle accused the Royal family of perpetuating falsehoods in a new clip before her interview with Oprah happens. She tells how "there's a lot has been lost" in the 30-second teaser released. It was just hours after Buckingham Palace…

Prince Philip transferred to another hospital

1 March, 2021
Prince Philip has been transferred to a different hospital after 14 days fighting an infection so that he is able to have scans on a pre-existing heart condition. Prince Philip transfers hospital It is the Duke of Edinburgh's longest ever…