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Harry and Meghan, Lilibet’s christening is at risk: latest rumours

Harry and Meghan, Lilibet's christening is at risk: the Queen doesn't want them at court.

Harry and Meghan are planning the christening of baby Lilibet. According to the latest rumours, the Dukes of Sussex would like to celebrate the ceremony next October, in the private chapel of Windsor Castle. Queen Elizabeth, however, does not want them at court.

Harry and Meghan: Lilibet’s christening

As they did with their first-born son Archie, Harry and Meghan have chosen the private chapel of Windsor Castle for the christening of their daughter Lilibet.

According to the latest rumours, the Dukes of Sussex would like to begin the child’s Christian life next October. The news has left fans of the Royal Family stunned. While at the time of Archie, relations with Queen Elizabeth & Co. were apparently excellent, today they are anything but. It is no coincidence that the well-informed claim that the Queen of England does not want to grant Harry and Meghan’s request in any way.

Harry and Meghan, baptism of Lilibet: chaos at court

After the farewell of the Dukes of Sussex to the royal family, relations with the family have soured. Following the couple’s interview with Oprah Winfrey, they became stormy, to say the least. This is why the christening of little Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor will not take place in the same ‘cordial’ atmosphere as her firstborn. Not surprisingly, Archie had already been baptised at his age. This delay, therefore, does not seem to be an accident. According to the British press, Harry and Meghan have asked for a meeting with the Queen next October. The two have let the Queen know that they intend to baptise Lilibet on that occasion. However, Elizabeth II did not accept the ‘shocking proposal’ with joy. It would have left the entire court ‘stunned and indignant’.

Harry and Meghan: Lilybet’s christening is at risk

Therefore, Lilibet’s christening would be at risk. Harry and Meghan’s idea to celebrate the ceremony in the private chapel of Windsor Castle would be seen as an “insult”. It even seems that the Royal Family is planning to exclude the Sussexes from the family Christmas, so holding the christening at court seems highly unlikely. “The Queen has no intention of responding to their shocking proposal,” the insiders reported. The alternative for Harry and Meghan, therefore, would be to christen their second daughter in the United States.

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