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Say Goodbye to Plastic in Your Beauty Routine With Solid Beauty Products

solid beauty products

Plastic pollution is one of the main issues the world is facing today. Depending on the chemical composition of plastic, it may take from 50 to 600 years to decompose. In the meanwhile, plastic waste endangers ecosystems and contributes to the greenhouse gas emission.

However, getting rid of plastic is proving a hard endeavour since many industries highly rely on it. Luckily, some of these industries are trying hard to limit plastic usage – as, for instance, the cosmetics industry. A good example of this effort are the solid beauty products.

Plastic-Free Beauty Products

The cosmetic industry started relying on plastic when its employment boomed around 1920. Before that, beauty products came mostly in bars – soaps – or other packaging – such a glass for perfumes etc. Therefore, solid beauty products are not an innovation, but an old technique redesigned to solve a present day problem: plastic pollution.

The majority of liquid products we employ in our beauty routine are composed mostly of water. Plastic is employed as a material for beauty products container since it stores it well and its usage is very advantageous from the point of view of costs. In order to avoid plastic, it was enough to come up with a formula that allows to have all the product ingredients mixed up, but in a solid form. This is how Lush Cosmetics came up with solid shampoos. Therefore, the main advantage of solid beauty products is that its packaging does not require the employment of plastic.

Other Advantages of Solid Beauty Products

Solid beauty products have not become popular only because they are eco-friendly. They have many other advantages. For instance, travelers love them since with solid beauty products you will not need to worry about pouring your products into 100ml containers and about them leaking in your bag while you travel.

Solid beauty skin care offers other practical advantages. These products are composed of wax, an ingredient that helps give them shape. Wax make the products last longer during the day, also because it makes them waterproof. Besides, solid products are usually applied directly to the skin, which many people find convenient. Moreover, these products take less time to dry on the skin.

Do these products have any disadvantages? It mostly depends on your skin type. In fact, solid beauty products are not suitable for people with sensitive skin since they tend to be a little more aggressive than liquid products. Moreover, we recommend always checking the ingredients before purchasing the product, mostly in case you are allergic to any of them.

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