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How Using Technologies in Schools May Help the Environment


Classrooms are the places were the generation of the future are raised and educated. Schools are expected to give children the tools to face their adult life at the best of their potentiality. However, in a world that changes at a fast pace, it becomes harder and harder to keep up with the new technologies and innovations.

Moreover, there is also the question of the environment and the issues linked to it. Considering that today’s generation struggles at finding a solution to fix the problems caused by both past and present generations, the least we can do is give the necessary instruments to our youngsters.

What is the best way to do that? Teaching them how correctly to use technologies and integrating these with environmental education.

How Can Technologies Help the Environment?

Employing technologies in the classrooms can, first of all, have a great, practical impact on reducing deforestation. Just imagine how much paper schools could avoid wasting if student could use e-book instead of paper books and take notes on computers. The same goes for tests which could also be done on computers. The obvious problem with such kind of solution is that computer – or tablets – employ energy and consuming energy does not help the environment at all. That is almost true because it all depends on the kind of energy that we employ to power computers and tablets. Using technologies in the classrooms would not be a problem if the energy used by the schools were renewable energies.

Why Should Schools Turn to Renewable Energies?

Students spend most of their waking time in schools, this means that a big part of the things they learn – not only the theoretical ones, but the moral values – are influenced by their experience in the classrooms. The best method of teaching moral values is by giving the right information – facts -, teaching students to think critically, and – very important – setting a good example. Therefore, the best way for schools to raise children which understand the importance of living sustainably and reducing their carbon footprint, is to become as sustainable as possible themselves.

Turning to renewable energies means having the chance to show children what their future should look like and also educating them to the potentialities of the future of technological development paired with their creativity. Allowing schools to employ technologies has great advantages for our children, for their future and the future of our planet.

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