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This Australian Store Is a Library, but for Clothes and Shoes

A new solution to fight consumerism comes from this Australian store, where people can exchange their clothes - just like with books in libraries. To access Lost Property - that's the name of the store - you just need to pay a subscription, which gives full access to the Clothes Library, with unlimited exchanges and access to an unlimited wardrobe.

Australian Store

There’s a very special Australian store. It is a sort of collective wardrobe to save money while doing good for the environment. It is an authentic Library of Clothes. In other words, here, as with books, you can borrow clothing that you no longer use and give it new life.

And what cannot be (re)worn at all is recycled into textiles.

The Importance of Sharing Clothes

Lost Property is the real name of the Australian store in Fremantle. Here, people have the opportunity to donate clothes and build a collective wardrobe in the spirit of sharing and sustainable fashion.

This is undoubtedly an exceptional idea. In fact, if you think about it, you will surely have thought at least once, looking at your wardrobe, that you have nothing to wear. So to look for something, you start rummaging through the closet. And that’s where you’ll find clothes that you forgot you had. Just thin at that bright 80s style t-shirts, those belts or dresses you wore many years ago. In other words, they’re all clothes you definitely don’t wear anymore.

So, what can you do to make a bit of room in the closet and at the same time give new life to those forgotten clothes? The answer is to give them away. That’s a nice concrete gesture. Just think that in the world, every year, people throw away a million tons of clothes.

The Philosophy Behind “Lost Property” Australian Store

This philosophy has animated the people who have decided to launch Lost Property. In the wake of the Swedish “ShareWear”, the owners of this Australian store decided to make all the garments available. In this way, everyone can take what they prefer, return old clothes or exchange them with others.

“Think of the part of your closet you’re bored with. There’s stuff you never wear and don’t care about that has been gathering dust for decades. These excess clothes, which we all have in our closet, could become garbage. But some would be happy to wear them as fresh new items for their personal look,” say the creators of the initiative. What you’ve grown tired of, in short, might appeal to someone else.

To access Last Property, you must pay a monthly subscription. This subscription gives full access to the Clothes Library, with unlimited exchanges and access to an unlimited wardrobe.

But there is more. Any type of donated clothing that cannot for some reason be reused as it is – or at most with a few adjustments – is recycled into textiles. In addition, the shop periodically holds sewing, knitting and patch workshops. A simple and effective solution, in short, that can contribute to a much more sustainable fashion trend.

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