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Coronavirus, reporter talks about a Chinese virus created in the laboratory in 2015

A 2015 video from italian public service broadcaster has gone viral since it shows how an old experiment can be related to the latest pandemic.

coronavirus tgr
coronavirus tgr

On the 25th of March, in Italy, a report about coronavirus by italian public service broadcaster TGR Leonardo from 2015 is gone viral. Thousands of people are spreading this video as proof of the artificial creation of the covid-19.

The video says the coronavirus might come from a laboratory.

The truth of the matters is far different. The bio-engineering is, in fact, related to a pathogenic agent from coronaviruses family, but absolutely non-related to SARS-COV-2, the protagonist of the latest pandemic.

Coronavirus, TGR Leonardo’s video

Did you watch the TGR Leonardo video, transmitted in Italy on the 16th of November 2015? You will see a bio-engineering procedure made by a group of Chinese researchers upon the well-know SARS coronaviruses. In this experiment, scientists graft the protein SHCO14 (from “horseshoe” bats) within the SARS virus into mice.

This hybrid is resulted to be capable of infecting man. That is why, after watching the video, many people think this experiment could be linked to the Covid-19 pandemic we are all living now.

Nevertheless, the coronavirus the reporter talks about in the video is not SARS-COV-2, responsible for the pandemic. The coronavirus the reporters talk about was a threat too. It appeared for the first time in China, 2002, and unleashed an epidemic that lasted until 2004 that killed 774 people in the world.

Covid-19’s origin: what experts say

Roberto Burioni, one of the most authoritative and respected Italian virologists, confirms the theory : “The latest idiocy is that coronavirus comes from a lab experiment ended badly. Keep calm, it is 100% natural. Unfortunately”.

So, to confirm this thesis, a group of Chinese academics published a research paper in February, where they deny the correlation between the 2015 experiment and the SARS-COV-2 pandemic. “This affirmation does not have any scientific base and must be rejected. The divergence within the genetic sequence is significant (less than 5000 nucleotides…). The absence of a logic model is the proof the SARS-COV-2 has evolved by natural evolution. It is Darwinian.”

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23 June, 2020 9:46 pm

Would you please add the link to the published paper mentioned please? Thanks


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