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How to kill ants?

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Find the Ants and Their Entry Points
One of the first steps is to find out the place where ants live inside your home or office. There are many places that ants can live and finding the ant home is the primary task to tackle first. You can’t kill ant colonies effectively without knowing more about where they are coming from.

Find the entry point by looking for ant trails near door and window openings. Many times you may find the ant colony outside, near these locations with a trail leading inside. Some live in areas with mulch or near the foundation of the building, so check those areas as well, especially if it is near where you have seen the ant problem.
Exterminate Cheaply
There are many products that you can find that are safe such as food grade diatomaceous earth, talcum powder and soap. Some people even use boric acid but you do want to be sure to read the instructions carefully and make sure that this is not used near pets or children.

Even diatomaceous earth that is of a food grade quality has warnings that you need to be aware of. However, it’s not necessary to use an ant poison if you’re rather do it the natural way.
One Way to Kill Ants
One such way to kill ants is to use the diatomaceous earth (already mentioned above).

Make sure to get the food grade product and not the pool grade product. This is a fine powder made up of fossilized remains of a type of algae that has a hard shell. These are called diatoms.

Where to sprinkle it?
This product can be sprinkled in and around the yard and even indoors. Once a hard shell pest comes in contact with it, they will eventually die due to dehydration.

Note: It’s safe around pets but you must remove the pets from the area and wear a mask when sprinkling the product. Due its fine powder, it can irritate the nose and harm the lungs. Simply put, you don’t want anyone or anything breathing it.

There are ways to rid yourself of any type of ant without spending a fortune. In fact, you can get rid of all types of ants cheaply by using products that you yourself have chosen.

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