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How to make viruses stop?

1. Get an anti-virus software
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The sole goal and purpose of anti-virus software is to prevent and treat viruses. Many of these softwares work well and others do not seem to work at all. Protecting your computer against viruses can cost you a pretty penny. Two examples of good anti-virus softwares would be McAfee and Norton. These programs seem to be able to locate viruses and stop them from continuing on your computer.
2. Stop visiting infected sites
You may notice that these viruses are often located on sites that aren’t secure or that are questionable. Viruses often cause your computer to run slowly or to do tasks that you never instructed it to do. Depending on what virus your computer has it may be easy to stop. One of the easiest ways to stop viruses is to stop going to sites infected with them. You will be able to spot these sites because once you enter the site the virus almost instantly begins infiltrating your computer. You can save yourself the headache of dealing with these viruses by avoiding these sites.
3. Run a scan with your anti-virus software
Some viruses can be hard to detect, but an anti-virus software scan will be able to detect them. Use your anti-virus software to scan for any viruses on your computer.
4. Quarantine the viruses
Once your software has identified the viruses then quarantine them. Quarantining is not often seen as the greatest option as all it does is to treat the virus. It does not permanently delete the virus. The problem with this is that the virus could still possibly cause harm to your computer in the future.
5. Delete the viruses
Aside from quarantining the viruses you can have them removed from your computer. This will help to remove any possibility of them becoming active on your computer again. This is seen as the better option as it permanently gets rid of the viruses for good.

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