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How to sync an ipod

1. Install iTunes
© tonystl (Flickr) iPods
© tonystl (Flickr)

First install iTunes upon your computer. You can download it from the manufacturer’s website: Apple.com. After downloading and installing Apple’s iTunes, you are ready for the next stage.
2. iPod Accessories
The iPod comes with two key accessories, the headphone and a USB cable. You need the USB cable to sync your iPod to your computer. The iPod USB cable is special cable with one end a USB connector, and the other is a wider connection plug. Connect the USB cable to the USB port of your computer, and then connect the other end (the one with a wider connection plug) to your iPod.
3. Set-up Wizard
After the USB cable is connected to both the iPod and your Computer, you will notice a Set-up Assistant Wizard popping up (if it does not appear, please check that your cable is securely connected to both USB ports). The first prompt of the Set-up Assistant will be in regards to the safety instructions. At this stage, click “Yes”.
4. Syncing
With the second Wizard screen prompt, you are required to give a name to your iPod e.g. Mike’s iPod. Then it also lets you know that, henceforth, iTunes will automatically sync music to your iPod each time you log onto your computer. You also have the option of syncing photos at this stage.
5. Finalising
At the next screen prompt, click “Finish” and the iTunes and iPod syncing will start. At this stage, please do not disconnect anything; cables, plugs, etc. When the sync is complete, you will see a prompt upon your iPod and upon your computer screen, asking that you gently remove the cable.
6. Register
After your iPod has finished syncing, you can now choose to register your iPod now or later. Clicking “Later” takes you straight to the iPod‘s home screen. At this stage, you can start enjoying your iPod.
7. Conclusion
The Apple iPod is a fantastic portable entertainment device that is a must have for all music lovers. It has a wide market the world over. It is digital entertainment on the go. With an iPod, there is never a dull moment.

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