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Where to buy table tennis bats at the lowest price in the UK

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Willingness of the buyer
It is important to know the extent to which someone will go to get his or her hands on cheaper table tennis equipment. Whether they will travel long distances to outlet parks, or settle for a local store’s prices.

Extensive research suggests that the least expensive table tennis bats can actually be found on the internet. With easy and fast delivery to addresses around the UK available, it may be deemed the best way to purchase table tennis bats.

Websites such as sportsdirect.com offer a range of quality in table tennis racquets, including discounted prices for buying particular items online. Prices range from £1 to £40 on this website. So it depends on the limits of quality someone is specifically looking for. Renowned brands that can be found online such as Butterfly, Stiga and Schildkrot, are more expensive options, however companies that specialise in selling a particular type of item are usually reliable in what they sell, offering trustworthy products that may last longer. So buyers looking for quality as well as cheaper table tennis bats may prefer to look into the cheapest available items of a reliable manufacturer, rather than just the cheapest table tennis paddles currently on offer.
Professional paddles
Buyers looking for professionally used paddles may clutch their wallet when they hear the costs of such an investment. On various websites paddles such as the Priemier NCT by Stiga were priced at over £110. According to a number of reviews this is the best table tennis bat available on the market as of May 2011, and is advertised by various professionals. So those looking to help save their money and make for something much less pricey may want to look into products such as the Schildkrot Syed 400TT or Stiga Fluoro, both priced lower than £10 and available in shops like Argos and John Lewis. Both franchises can be found in numerous locations across the UK, with the option of ordering online available also.
Package deals and second-hand purchasing
Buyers could choose to purchase table tennis racquets in package deals. These can include associated equipment such as table tennis balls, tables and nets in a bundle together, making it cheaper than buying each individually. Both Argos and Sports Direct offer these sets at around £15, including balls, 2 bats and a net. Purchasing second-hand bats from car-boot sales and on Ebay is another option, both of which are often the cheapest.

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