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Audi r8

Audi R8 Spider – like this?

20 April, 2020
Car Magazine has developed a similar look to the above rendering for the nuova Audi R8 Spider, expected for next year. “Engineering” reasons mean that it is likely to be equipped with a “Targa” roof of removable panels, rather than…

Audi R8 by Graf Weckerle

20 April, 2020
German tuner Graf Weckerle has released details and pictures of its new rendition of the Audi R8. The most distinctive feature of the package is that set of ultra-light multi-piece forged 20″ rims, fitted with in 245/30 R 20 and…

Audi R8 spy shots

15 April, 2020
The Audi R8 spider will be presented the Frankfurt motor show in September and these shots show what we can expect, with the spider displayed in its final version. This is the 5.2-litre V10 model with 525 hp and 530…

Audi R8 2013: new official images

8 April, 2020
Audi releases new official pictures of the upcoming R8 m.y. 2013, that will be launched at the next Paris Motor Show. The restyling of the supercar of the four Rings brought in an automatic dual-clutch 7-speed S Tronic transmission, as…

Audi R8 spider – official sketch

23 March, 2020
Second installment of the leaks to Car Magazine from Audi’s Design Team. After the Audi A1, it’s time to see how the Audi R8 Spider will look.We can see some intriguing details, like the two humps behind the headrests, somewhat…

Audi R8: new Video celebrating its Fifth Anniversary

20 March, 2020
Audi has produced a video to celebrate the fifth anniversary of its R8. A few days ago were also released the first images and information about the new line-up of the German sportscar scheduled to debut during the upcoming Paris…

Audi to celebrate 100 year anniversary with new model

19 March, 2020
On July 16 Audi will turn 100 and the headquarters at Ingolstadt is fervently preparing to celebrate the Audi anniversary with more than just an event. The company is planning a new commemorative Audi model for the 100 years.Nothing is…