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Audi R8 spider – official sketch

Second installment of the leaks to Car Magazine from Audi’s Design Team.
After the Audi A1, it’s time to see how the Audi R8 Spider will look.
We can see some intriguing details, like the two humps behind the headrests, somewhat like those of the Porsche Speedster, with air intakes at the base.

The vertical “blade” of the R8 coupè is much shorter here, only as high as the side air intakes.
Car Magazine writes that the R8 Spider will have removable targa panels, not a soft top.
Sales should start in 2009 with a price around 125.

000 €.
The engines should be thesame as the coupè: the 4.
2-liter V8 FSI with 420 ps and, maybe, the 5.
2-liter V10 derived from the Lamborghini Gallardo.

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