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Audi rs6

Audi RS6 Avant- official images and specs

21 April, 2020
Finally, the official announcement of the Audi RS6 Avant has come. The new “monster” from Ingolstadt is really a super-car in all but appeareance: the engine is a 5.2-liter V10 twin-turbo with 580 bhp and a torque of 650 Nm…

Video – Autocar drives the Audi RS6

5 April, 2020
The ever-jovial and knowledgeable Chris Harris puts the 572 bhp Audi RS6 Station Wagon to the test. During the test-drive Mr. Harris admits that the immense weight of 2025 kg does somewhat compromise the agility and the driving-experience despite the…

Bentley engines new V8 Continental GT

28 March, 2020
The Bentley Continental GT is said to be testing a new four-litre V8 Bentley engine which should be into production by 2012. The new Bentley engine lineup will have both a single-turbo unit with about 415 hp and a twin-turbo…