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Bicycle vs Scooter Video

26 April, 2020
Getting your purse snatched is always a bad experience, but when chicken livered lowlifes grab it while riding a scooter or a motorcycle it also becomes dangerous, because you can fall or even get dragged, but in this case these…

Motorcycling in the Netherlands: women and bicycles

26 April, 2020
In some weird statistics on motorcycling in the Netherlands, we find that the Dutch have about 650,000 motorcycles registered in their country, apparently doing 18.1 billion kilometres a year. In good news for the girls, a third of Dutch motorcycle…

Gladiat8r Canedo helmet concept

25 April, 2020
My first reaction was: “this is weird!” But then I thought about the advantages this helmet has for summer riding, and I just might be converted. If a helmet is just tortuous for you in the heat, try the Canedo…

McLaren's racing bicycle: pictures

16 April, 2020
Generally on TwoWheels we don’t deal with bicycles, but this McLaren racing bike is something a bit different. Unlike the road bike produced by off-road specialist Range Rover for its new ‘lifestyle’ SUV, the Evoque, we can’t see anyone clipping…

Electric scooters bicycles BMW Pedelec

10 April, 2020
BMW has been developing motorised scooters and electric bicycles as part of its sponsorship of the 2012 London Olympics. The little electric two-wheeler is called the BMW Pedelec and has a powered top speed of 18 mph, which can be…

EV-12: DIY electric bicycle

4 April, 2020
I’ve decided this 48v Electric Flat Tracker bicycle with Briggs Stratton Etek motor could be just for me. Pedalling for me was always too much like hard work and cycling was not exactly my favourite sport (dowhilling on the other…