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Bmw 5 series

BMW 5 series Plug-in hybrid: spy shots

12 April, 2020
When we think of plug-in hybrid cars, big luxury sedans aren’t exactly the first kind of vehicle that comes to mind, but today we have the chance to take a first look at what BMW engineers have come up with…

BMW 5-Series GT European pricing

26 March, 2020
BMW has released its pricing details for the 5 Series GT for the various European markets, and in Italy the base price will be 58,000 euros. That figure refers to the 530d GT Eletta, equipped with a 3.0 litre diesel…

BMW 5-Series saloon: new Spy Shots

16 March, 2020
Our photographers at autoblog.it have caught BMW 5-series saloon while undergoing further testing before its official launch. Last week we published another bunch of spy photos featuring BMW 5-series Touring version, showing the restyling work done by BMW engineers to…

Bmw 5-Series F10 V-MS by Vorsteiner (with video)

13 March, 2020
American aftermarket company Vorsteiner presents a tuning program called VMS specifically designed and manufactured for Bmw 5-series F10. The package includes a lightweight carbon fiber aerodynamic package developed for vehicles already equipped with the factory M Tech aero package and…