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New Husqvarna 900cc engine: the video

17 April, 2020
We know the video has funky rock music to get the adrenalin going, but seriously, if Husqvarna does its road bikes well, we could be seeing some exciting new entries on the market. The video tells us that the new…

New 900cc Husqvarna engine

1 April, 2020
As part of its new Husqvarna road bike range, the company is investing in some new technology despite borrowing parts from big sister, BMW. The new path that the company is taking provides it with a challenge in making road…

New Husqvarna road bikes

24 March, 2020
Husqvarna roadgoing models are set to become part of the portfolio of the Husqvarna brand under BMW management. The company hopes to be able to continue its dirt bike tradition while exploring the new area of road bikes, producing five…