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Db7 nerocarbonio

Bimota DB7 Nerocarbonio: carbon in the motorcycle sector

24 April, 2020
In this photo is the lovely Bimota DB7 Nerocarbonio built in only 50 examples and on display at the Design Week in Milan. It’s on show as part of the Nerocarbonio event that showcases examples of industrial and artistic design…

Vintage Vespa in carbon: Nerocarbonio Vespa

21 April, 2020
After having looked at the lovely Bimota DB7 Nerocarbonio at Milan’s Design Week, on display was also a Nerocarbonio Vespa in carbon fibre. The vintage Vespa GS has been completely restored with carbon, which you can see in the photo…

Bimota DB7 Nerocarbonio at Milan's Design Week

27 March, 2020
The Teatro del Design week will take place in Milan and will host the Nerocarbonio event as part of the Design Week. The event will show exclusive carbon objects from Alberto Del Biondi, Industria del Design.The Nerocarbonio project was created…