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Easy pasta dishes

Simple pasta recipes: bow ties with asparagus

27 March, 2020
We normally call this pasta “bow ties” or similar, in English, but their real name is “farfalle” or “butterflies”. Despite presenting some difficulties in the cooking, it’s wonderful pasta to use and goes well with seasonal ingredients and simple preparations…

Easy pasta recipes: ravioli with walnuts and cream

21 March, 2020
One of my favourite pasta dishes (though I have many), is with a cream and walnut sauce. Below is this easy Italian recipe for a first course, that uses ravioli and cream and walnuts.Ingredients for two people: 200 grams of…

Easy pasta recipes: spaghetti, peas, tomato and mozzarella

14 March, 2020
We’ve already looked at tricolour recipes, and here’s another one to celebrate the Italian flag on a plate. This pasta dish uses tomato, mozzarella and peas to create the red, white and green “tricolore”.The easy pasta recipe uses: 380 grams…